What is it like to be a dramaturg?

Report during the Fabulation for Future conference. September 2021 Exploring the dramaturgy of things I refer explicitly to the paper by Thomas Nagel “What is it like to be a bat”. The dramaturg is seen as a strange animal. The problem is here how we can be conscious to be dramaturges and to practice dramaturgy… Continue reading What is it like to be a dramaturg?

Das Ding dingt

Recently I have been busy with things. What are “things”? Where do they come from? A bottle? A piece of paper? A pen? A shoe? A stone? A tree? Dead leaves? Ideas? Screens? Words tipped on a smartphone? Movements? Directions?  Is time a thing? Are algorithms things? Some do think things “thing”. That is: to… Continue reading Das Ding dingt


Transcription As I was trying to figure out the form this digital toolkit could take, I focused on the scope of this research: the analysis of how dramaturgy emerges from the digitally mediated sharing of artistic processes in dance.  I eventually realized that one of the main characteristics of sharing one’s own artistic process was… Continue reading Exposed