Dance projects and dramaturgical endeavours

Giovanni Sabelli Fioretti 

Article: Hybrid Dramaturgies. Three experiences of dancing essays.

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In: “From the scenic essay to the essay-exhibition”, edited by Jasper Delbecke.

Publisher: S:PAM – Studies in Performing Arts & Media, Department of Art History, Musicology and Theatre Studies, Faculty of Arts & Philosophy, Ghent University

Also accessible on Academia, ResearchGate and FlippingBook !


July 2023 – Dramaturgical consultancy for

Cyclone, by Niv Melamed. Piece created for the Sozo – Visions in motion graduating students.

Currently – Dramaturgy for

#UnderMySkin –> Website: https://undermyskin.dance

Interactive video project by Enrico Paglialunga and Giacomo Corvaia

Funded under the programme Tanz:digital – Dachverband Tanz Deutschland.

Currently – Dramaturgy for

Mme Pina’s

VR archive of the works by the choreographer Rosalie Wanka.


Dramaturgy for CrePa

Dance piece by the Italian choreographer Sara Sguotti


Dramaturgy for Asymmetrical Encounters

Dance piece by German-Austrian dancer Rosalie Wanka.

(here excerpt taken from Posthof’s website).


Dramaturgy for Rock by the Sea

Project by Diethild Meier and Julek Kreutzer



A videodance exhibition, with the kind support of the Italian Institute of Culture (IIC)

2019 Edition: https://mediagrammi.org/espressioni2019/ 

2017 Edition: https://mediagrammi.org/espressioni2017/