Writing as a determination

[This is an excerpt transcribed from the interview to Elisa Sbaragli and Sara Sguotti: you can find the video interview here]

Giovanni: So, would you say that writing is a form of determination?

Sara: Yes, absolutely. For example, this week when I was alone, I forced myself to write for other people, to find a means by which to be able to convey some of my thoughts. So, writing is a means that I find necessary for this transmission of ideas. However, from your side, why is writing important in your practice?

Giovanni: For me, it is not something that leads to something fixed, indeed, perhaps for me writing is indeterminate by its very nature. For me, the determination of the creative process is the spectacular moment, it is the creative process’ death when it comes to an end, its final ‘determination’. Sara: You’re right, but for me ‘determining’ means not only ‘closing’ but also ‘giving direction.’

Giovanni: I understand. The word ‘determination’ for me can be compared to the concept of death. When a person dies, they end up living, and the community of which they are a part can look at that person as a finished, perfect, complete existence. As long as one lives, they can make choices, right? Paradoxically, you can also make the choice to die. You can really make any choice. And then you can stay in the determination or in the indetermination. In a temporary state of determination, I’d rather say. One can take a direction, but it’s always only temporary.

Sara: So, how, and why is writing important in your practice?

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