Juliette Mapp writes „Dancers have the advantage of being able to detach themselves from meanings conveyed by normal language usage. A dancer can live in a world of passing images, sensations, landscapes, relationships, and constructs without necessarily attaching herself to the specifity that language often creates. The not naming that defines much of the dancer‘s… Continue reading Crack


Dancing City. Where does movement take place? In the body? In the space around the body? In the spaces between bodies? In the objects that surround us? This experience is inspired by a specific Choreographic Object by William Forsythe, “City of Abstract”, created in 2001. Clicking on this link you will be able to experience what Forsythe describes as “specific… Continue reading Mirror

There is no need to invoke hidden structures

When thinking about dance dramaturgy, one might think at some black-boxed process happening in some transcendental space. I think dramaturgy is nothing but practice. Entering the dramaturgical process is entering what Karen Knorr Cetina calls “lack of completeness”, referring to research objects. Our research object in the dance and dramaturgical practice is constantly unfolding before… Continue reading There is no need to invoke hidden structures

What is it like to be a dramaturg?

Report during the Fabulation for Future conference. September 2021 Exploring the dramaturgy of things I refer explicitly to the paper by Thomas Nagel “What is it like to be a bat”. The dramaturg is seen as a strange animal. The problem is here how we can be conscious to be dramaturges and to practice dramaturgy… Continue reading What is it like to be a dramaturg?

What is for you dance dramaturgy?

During the month of August 2021 I had the chance to organize a first attempt of dramaturgy workshop within a research context. As preliminary assignment, I asked the participants to come with five keywords they could instinctively connect to the practice of dance dramaturgy. Here is what they come up with. I grouped them in… Continue reading What is for you dance dramaturgy?