Writing – Associations

[This is an excerpt transcribed from the interview to Elisa Sbaragli and Sara Sguotti: you can find the video interview here]

Giovanni: When I say the word ‘writing’, which associations come to mind?

Elisa: The associations which come to my mind are: notes, drawings, signs, trajectories and archives. Writing is dominant during the flow of my research and my life.

Sara: Writing becomes a way for me to translate somewhat volatile bodily images. I understand writing precisely in terms of its materiality element, that is for me the paper.

Giovanni: Pen and paper. 

Sara: Paper and pen yes, because in interpreting a word through the means of my body, I still have this memory of the act of writing. I write so many words and above all many “Words”. Words, so not ideas or notes, but material acts, that are the written words, that take me back to a somewhat broader form of imagination. That is exactly the way in which I imprint something on the matter and I can say the same for the body as well. Writing is similar to how I imprint feeling in my body, rather than a mere gesture.

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